It’s the most won-der-ful tiiiiime of the year…

But Mary, you say. It’s early November. Isn’t the most wonderful time of the year, you know, next month?

Oh contraire, my beautiful readers. There’s something pretty spectacular that happens from November to February, and which I refer to as my equivalent of the World Series (which I don’t want to actually talk about; I’m a Washington Nationals fan). No, I’m talking about…

the oscars

Look. Some people play fantasy football. Some people collect coins. Some people mud wrestle crocodiles (I’m not too sure what other people do for hobbies). But if I have one day, one day out of the year in which I get to celebrate everything I love in entertainment, it’s the Academy Awards. Bad host? Good host? Bad gimmicks? Mess-ups by solo performers? Show-stopping speeches and right-on-key songs? I live for this kind of thing.

And so, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again: remember when I started up that Summer 2015 Challenge and failed miserably? Remember when I said I love challenges and that no matter what I’ll keep attempting them?

It’s time for my Yearly Oscar Challenge, folks!

anchorman jump

My BFF Helena (and those of you who are also my BFFs should know who you are and that I mean no offense here…just as a disclaimer) and I have had this challenge going on for literally years. LITERALLY YEARS. We’ve decided that it’s our goal, one year or another, to see every single last movie that has been nominated for the Best Picture Award.

It’s harder than it looks.

So, let’s get this party started. Here is the long list of all the potential Best Picture Contenders as of November 4, as updated by AwardsCircuit, a full two days before I published this blog post:

  1. Spotlight
  2. The Revenant
  3. Bridge of Spies
  4. Room
  5. Brooklyn
  6. Steve Jobs
  7. The Hateful Eight
  8. The Danish Girl
  9. Son of Saul
  10. The Martian
  11. Inside Out
  12. Joy
  13. Mad Max: Fury Road
  14. The Big Short
  15. Straight Outta Compton
  16. Black Mass
  17. Carol
  18. Sicaro
  19. Concussion
  20. Beasts of No Nation

WELL. That’s a whole lot of movies that I need to see between now and February 28. Thankfully I’ve got a head start: I’ve already seen The Martian, Inside Out, and Mad Max: Fury Road. I think I might through Beasts of No Nation into my Netflix queue so that I can see what it’s all about. Other than that, I’ll make my way through whichever ones interest me most until the actual list of nominees is announced.

I should also establish ground rules: I must see all Best Picture Nominees before February 28. Accompanying manicures are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED but not required.

Dear Helena, you ready for this?

Let’s go, fellow movie buffs,


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