Lady Thor’s Identity Revealed!

Sorry guys, I couldn’t pass this one up. Lady Thor has been one of the coolest developments in comics as of late, and today her identity was finally revealed! Click here if you’re not afraid of Thor spoilers.

I wanted to talk about this because…well, because I wanted to show off. My friends and I went as the Lady Avengers for Halloween this past year, and, what with being a blonde and all, I was selected to be our Lady Thor. Here is photographic evidence of me bringing the justice of Mjolnir down on our entryway table.

It was a ridiculously fun costume to wear, and I had such a great time that night! A random passerby even had our group join him in a group chant of “Avengers Assemble!”

Look out for some fun nail posts in the next couple of days, folks! In the meantime, here are a few more pictures of my amazing friends as the Lady Avengers:






P.S. We didn’t even know Lady Iron Man! We happened to run into her during the evening and got her to pose for this awesome photo for us.

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